to launch the new nike air max collection, foot locker asked us to remake their old commercials from the 90s — a cool & normal idea!

but we’re insane so we created an entire throwback cable network built for social media. Sitcoms, cartoons, the news, workout shows, commercials — the whole thing.

100 million impressions, 20 million views, 2.5 million comments, a custom shoe box, a tv guide, a remote, and live shopping network on twitch later and we’d created one of foot locker’s most successful campaigns to date.

the internet loved it, including some of the most influential people in culture.

screen 2.png

now back to our regularly scheduled programming.

“Air it Out” is a sitcom about five best friend referees living under one roof. It’s fun, good-natured, and terrifying.

“Airobics” is the only workout show with an anthropomorphic scoreboard. probably.


“The Air Pair” is about two best friends, Nacho and Dee, who get through life the only way they know how: As a fresh pair!


DYA News and Jared Goff tried to bring back objective journalism with “Shoe Tips.”

we even created a custom “cable box” shoebox complete with a remote, a tv guide, and the new air max 720s and sent them to the most influential sneakerheads.